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On the way out on the night dive the reef was proving to be rather uninspiring and there was not a lot of notice to see. On the way in which back I decided to swim over the sand and seagrass area in the hope that I would possibly spot a seahorse. I didn’t see one but what I did see was a tiny baby cuttlefish and a tiny octopus, both concerning the measurement of a thumbnail. The octopus went purple when it noticed me in effort to try to stop me from eating him but the cuttlefish simply pretended it wasn’t there.

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Giftun Island is high up on the "to do" lists of diving tourists in Hurghada. The reef sand island is surrounded by vibrant corals, which is home to unique marine life. Here you can absorb as a lot of the Egyptian sunshine as you'll be able to manage on the seaside, or swim within the crystal clear waters.
Established since 1993, Divers' Lodge offers an entire programme of leisure and technical diving, including courses, every day diving, particular journeys and snorkelling. The centre provides perfect coaching amenities with a heated pool on site and a bay for confined training. The Continental Hotel Hurghada is ideally positioned for easy entry to the dive sites of the area, with Divers' Lodge dive centre positioned conveniently on web site. Hurghada, the tourist vacation spot that it is, has a host of water sports activities on supply. Deep-sea fishing, swimming, snorkeling and windsurfing, as well as scuba diving, are all accessible via varied areas alongside the sandy seashores.
The Breakers workers can arrange activities corresponding to kite surfing or reef diving in entrance of the resort. Breakfast and Dinner different meals everyday Everything is delicious. To immediately expertise what the Red Sea has to offer, you have to go no additional than the end of our personal jetty. As soon as you enter the calm sheltered sea you are on our personal pristine nicely-saved home reef.
  • Moreover, they can be truly cheaper than Hotels+ diving day journeys.
  • Hurghada can also be a favorite point for liveaboard departures that go away the port to explore the dive websites dotted to the north and south.

A couple of us wanted to look within the RE engine room - completely no drawback, and a really pleasant and informative go to." In addition to a few very good, diversified and plentiful meals every day there were also snacks earlier than the primary dive, and between the 2nd and third dives. Divers' Lodge is a SDI-TDI 5 star Development Centre and the longest established TDI facility in the Middle East.
is diving hurghada pret The Oberoi House Reef is distinguished by its ecological range and delightful coral reef. We moored at this reef in a single day within the sandy area and did a night dive within the shallows and a morning dive on the wall.
Whichever choice you select, stays of 1 week are best. Hurghada diving packages normally include dives and boat-lodge transfers.

These 4 little critters made an otherwise dull dive worthwhile! The wall dive was less than a lot either, there have been all the usual reef suspects, however nothing noteworthy.

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